Coconut Fiber is a natural fibre extracted from the outer husk of coconut and used in products such as floor mats, doormats, brushes and mattresses. Coir is the fibrous material found between the hard, internal shell and the outer coat of a coconut. Other uses of brown coir (made from ripe coconut) are in upholstery padding, sacking and horticulture. White coir, harvested from unripe coconuts, is used for making finer brushes, string, rope and fishing nets. It has the advantage of not sinking, so can be used in long lengths on deep water without the added weight dragging down boats and buoys.


Coconut Fiber – Brown is extracted out of a matured brown coconut. It is used for various applications like making Curled Coir Rope used in manufacturing coir mattresses, rubberized coir pads, coir cushions, carpet underlays, seat cushions, and insulating drainage pipes.  Brown coir pads are sprayed with rubber latex, which bonds the fibers together (rubberized coir) and is extensively used as upholstery padding for the automobile industry. Coconut Fiber – Brown is also used for insulation and packaging.


Color Coir Fiber-Brown Coir Fiber-Yellow
Moisture up to 15% up to 15%
Impurity < 3% < 7 to 9%
Length 5cm to 25cm 5cm to 25cm
Load ability 20 tons in 40 feet HC Container 20 tons in 40 feet HC Container
Bale weight 115kg to 125kg 115kg to 125kg
Packing Plastic straps Plastic straps


Coir Fiber – Yellow is made out of immature green coconut husk. Coir Fiber – White is used for various applications like making two ply yarn used in manufacturing various coir products such as carpets. The major use of white coir is in rope manufacture. Mats of woven coir fiber are made from the finer grades of bristle and white fiber using hand or mechanical looms. White coir also used to make fishing nets due to its strong resilience to salt water. Coir Fiber – Yellow is generally spun to make yarn that is used in mats or rope.

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